Choose your next travel adventure with Travel Spin

We’ve all dreamed of throwing a dart on a map and going wherever it lands. Most often than not, however, it lands in the middle of the ocean, or outside of your world atlas. Even when it lands on a country, you need to decide where in the country you would like … Read More

Fashion Editorial: Spring Horses

I recently shot a fashion editorial featured in En Vie magazine with two sisters and their wonderful horses. I wanted to capture rider and casual fashion set in the british countryside during the change between winter and spring. I mostly shot with pri… Read More

Case Study: PR Photography

One of the most common types of commercial photography jobs I get is PR photography. PR agencies from around the UK and companies in the West Midlands hire me to take photos of new projects, staff and the business in general that are relevant to upcoming p… Read More

Case Study: Tigga Towers

Tigga Towers are a UK based manufacturer of high quality cat products and they needed photos for their new e-commerce website and marketing material to show off their unique luxury cat scratching towers, bedding and toys. We decided that ambient photos and videos of cats using the towers and toys in the home would really sell the products

Motorway Light Trails Photography

M40 Motorway, Oxfordshire

Over the past year or so I’ve been working on a series of long-exposure photos of a variety of motorways and roads throughout the UK and Europe. In theory the technique is simple but I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the location scouting, … Read More

My New Stock Agent: Robert Harding World Imagery

I’m delighted to announce that I was recently signed by the world’s leading independent travel photography specialist; Robert Harding World Imagery, and my photos now represented by them. I’ll be submitting all my new travel &#… Read More

How To: Geotag photos in Lightroom 4 w/ phone GPX track

Lightroom 4's new map module is great, it makes it really easy to geotag your photos, view them all on a map and search through your library by location. Here's a really nifty way of automatically geotagging photos, all you need is a smartphone with GPS.

Lake District National Park

At the start of April I had a few days free in the diary and decided to take a spontaneous photographic trip to the Lake District. I only had time to stay for one night so fitting in 2 sunrises and 2 sunsets was a push! I left Walsall at 3am to arrive at Ullswater … Read More